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Francois Haasbroek

Francois Haasbroek

What’s Your Vision for Your Family?

God designed the family with a man as its head, to provide loving guidance and strong direction through the challenges of family life.

Just before Christmas, we sat down as a family,” as we do annually, and shared the vision for our family in the coming year. 

We created our family vision a few years back, which has been a guide ever since.

For us, our family goals centred around 3 things:

      • Loving God and People
      • Being Purposeful
      • Making a positive difference in the world

    Do you have a vision for your family?

    Here is the problem: If you don’t have a vision for your family and don’t lead your family intentionally, somebody or something else will. It could be the influence of external factors or society subtly shaping the direction of our family.

    What is a Vision Statement?

    It is a document that outlines the values and goals of a family, providing guidance in decision-making and problem-solving.

    The Importance of a Vision:

    “If I were to ask you to come with me on a drive, your first questions would probably be “Why?” and “Where are we going?” However, we often lead our families without understanding why we have a family and where we are going. As a result, we may be surprised and frustrated when our children grow up without a clear purpose. This is why it’s important to have a family vision and mission that can answer these questions and help us create intentional futures for ourselves and our families.”

    Crafting Your Vision:

    Consider sitting down with your family to create a family vision statement that aligns your family toward common goals and values. Engage in meaningful discussions about the family you want to be about your goals and aspirations.

        • Gather Your Family:
              • Schedule a family meeting where everyone can participate.
              • Ensure that all family members, regardless of age, are present.

          • Set a Positive Tone:
                • Begin the meeting with a positive and open atmosphere.
                • Emphasize the importance of each family member’s input.

            • Reflect on Family Values:
                  • Ask each family member to reflect on their personal values.
                  • Create a list of values that resonate with everyone.

              • Share Individual Visions:
                    • Allow each family member to share their vision for the family’s future.
                    • Discuss aspirations, dreams, and goals.

                • Identify Common Themes:
                      • Look for common themes and values that emerge from individual visions.
                      • Discuss why specific values are important to the family.

                  • Craft a Family Mission Statement:
                        • Collaboratively draft a mission statement that encapsulates the shared values and goals.
                        • Keep it concise, clear, and inspiring.

                    • Create a Vision Board:
                          • Develop a visual representation of the family vision using a vision board.
                          • Include images, quotes, and symbols that represent your family’s aspirations.

                      • Regularly Review and Update:
                            • Schedule regular family meetings to review progress and eassess goals.
                            • Adjust the family vision as needed to accommodate changes in circumstances.

                      As we enter the new year, reflect on how you want your family to grow and thrive. What changes can you implement to align your family?

                      It’s time for men to recognize their crucial role in building godly families intentionally. The coming year can indeed look different from the last, filled with purpose, unity, and spiritual growth. Remember, the responsibility to make your vision for your family a reality lies with you, and with God’s guidance, you can lead your family towards a future grounded in His love and purpose.


                      Get a step-by-step guide the will help you through the process of creating a family vision statement

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